Oczilla – The Mutant Octopus

The First New Kind Of Tower Defense. Fantastic Gameplay! Only On The App Store!

Wanna have a pet? A wild and weird pet? You got it, right here!
Check out “Oczilla – The Mutant Octopus”, the new kind of tower defense game.
If you’re a fan of Popcap games (Plants vs. Zombies, Insaniquarium…), you will love Oczilla for sure!

You control the poor mutant octopus, grow it, evolve it…, until it becomes a big mighty monster.
Trust me, you’ve not seen this kind of beast anywhere else!

Oczilla Screenshot 1 - iOS - 3.5 inch iPhone 400x600
▶▶ How to Play:
● Touch & hold on left or right side of the screen to rotate the octopus.
● Use octopus’s legs to destroy enemies.
● Use collected DNA, gems and eggs to evolve your mutant octopus.

▶▶ Features:
● Very easy gameplay.
● Cool rock music.
● Beautiful & cute cartoon graphics.
● Many octopus legs : shark, turtle, lobster, elephant, porcupine, dragon…
● Many octopus heads: Spider Man, Batman, The Hulk, The Mask…
● Super weapons: frozen, armor, nuclear.
● Share your game record on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter…
● Share your gameplay video on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Kamcord…
● And many more features waiting for you to discover!

▶▶ Tips:
● Tap on the penguin at home screen to watch the game story (please wait for 5 seconds for him to appear, he has to make up).
● Turning on/off music will also change music type, we have 2 types: rock and relaxing.
● Tap on the flying star bubble at home screen to rate this game.

Alright! Happy playing! And don’t play too much!


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